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New website Jamones Volatín

A new web thought and designe for our costumer. A more visual website, with a more friendly navigation and fully adapted to mobile devices. The objective of this new page is that all users who access it can navigate and use completely from anywhere.

More accessible: now we can access from any of our mobile devices to www.volatin.com Moreover, the different screen widths have been taken advantage to provide the best images for each device.

More visual: the use of icons and images is reinforced and we offer a new provision of information to facilitate the consultation of the contents swiftly and fluidly.

Simplified navigation: Structuring sections evolves and is simplified to facilitate access to the most common sections, now expanded and renovated, what allow us operate easily by our extensive range of services.

Interactivity: All facilities for our customers can contact us and we can solve them doubts that may arise.

We invite you to browse our website and become familiar with all the improvements that we offer: Jamones Volatín

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